The winner of post graduate industry experience at Monash University 2018

The Green Beats promotes health of children through gamification with number of exploring challenges. The product assists kids and their parents to set a goal, offers variety of progress tracking and reports their achievements.

According to the survey conducted by The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, it is estimated that 67% of primary school-aged children own a screen-based device which makes them exceed national recommended guidelines for screen time. Child’s screen time tend to increase as the age increases. Primary school-aged children spend 31.5 hours of their time per week on screen-based devices. Parents claim that usage of media is indirectly proportional to physical activities which might lead to gain in unhealthy weight. Australian Institute of Health and Welfare estimates that only 30% of children aged 2-17 years met the physical activity guideline. Being physically activity has decreased as the age increased from 61% of 2-5 year olds to 26% of 5-12 year olds.

Green Beats is targeting children and give them physical activity challenges to keep active. This is being implemented in a gamification manner where the user will be provided with a digital character. It needs to be fed with real-time steps. Various physical activity challenges are used to get the record of steps, which are used to gain access to the application features. The product will prevent the time spent on sitting for long hours and breaks up periods of sedentary time spent, as frequently as possible.

This project has been accomplished as part of final project of post graduate industry experience by team Pulse at Monash University and my role was software developer.

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