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Some months ago, I had a bad feeling of my weak English speaking. So I googled “effortless English” exactly and found a pretty interesting method of learning.


I want to talk about this method. An English teacher who named “A.J. Hoge” from the U.S is teaching english in new way. He has 7 rules to improve your excellent English speaking.

I am gonna explain the rules briefly:

The first:
You should always study and review phrases, not individual words. When we study a group of words, we learn more and more faster.

The second rule is a little strange for me. It is: Don’t study grammar!

I think he is a kind of crazy teacher. He says that you don’t need to learn grammar. you just have to listen to native speakers. He mentions that by listening to a same story which is told in different times, you can easily learn grammar.

The third and most important rule is : Listen first.
He enforces that we must listen, listen and listen… He has audio packages and tells a same story many times in a strange way. He thinks we should listen to the sounds at least 1 to 3 hours a day.

If I want to summarize it, the next four rules are:

  • Slow and deep learning is the best.
  • Use mini stories.
  • Only use real English lessons and materials from real native speakers.
  • Listen and answer, not listen and repeat!

At the end, I realized that he or other natives have learned English naturally and we should do so like a baby that hears phrases and learn from his parents.

If you are interested about his rules, His website address is effortlessenglishclub.com

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