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Vahid Hallaji
Melbourne, Australia

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Vahid Hallaji

Software Developer

A full page just about me

A hands-on and passionate full stack software developer seeking joyful simplicity in code and life ;⏎

— who I am —

My name’s Vahid Hallaji. I've studied software engineering at Azad University and Master of IT at Monash University. I co-founded Narmand with Arash in 2007 and our dreams got bigger with Farzam and Touraj. I gained valuable experience by developing large-scale web applications for Tabriz University of Medical Sciences. In addition, I co-operated within the team to deliver dozens of websites and helped a few private businesses. I also mentored voluntarily at startup weekends and shared my personal experience with local communities.

— what I do —

I make software. If you have a project that needs some creative injection, then that’s where I come in. I try to create real elegant looking apps and websites always keeping simple for the end users. The web moves forward quickly. So I continuously study and think about new and crazy things. I'm always active behind the software products and enjoy software development. I keep looking and don't settle.

— how I started —

I remember surfing the web one day and finding a new service, named Blogger. It started as I happened to visit the theme source code of the blog for the first time and got curious how digital pages are created. I bought some HTML4 & CSS books and started reading and practicing. Afterwards, I heard about crazy server-side technologies and got even more curious to research and learn by doing. That being said, I never ever stop learning.

— what's my purpose —

I must admit that numerous internet users and variety of web technologies encouraged me to design and develop web-based applications. However, I extended my skills to develop desktop and mobile software afterwards. In the first decade, websites were unpleasant and like a draft paper. Nowadays, They are too much complex. Therefore, I seek joyful simplicity in code/software and as a result, happiness on faces ;⏎

My Expertise

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